How long should HBOT be taken?

A course of treatments is required before improvements are noticed. Treatments are cumulative – much like taking course of antibiotics.

The number of treatments you will require varies between patients, depending on your particular problem. Usually about 8 to 12 sessions will be needed, each session lasting for about 45 minutes to an hour. Your therapist may recommend a repeat course of sessions should your condition demand it.

Who can take HBOT?

All ages, including young children and the elderly can safely receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy, unless certain physical conditions exclude them from therapy.

Many Hollywood and Indian Bollywood celebrities have made it a regular regimen to their course in anti-ageing and wellness. Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy is no more for celebrities and the rich alone, it is now available as an affordable and a great rejuvenating therapy for all.

How to prepare for HBOT?

Wear cotton clothes. Eat beforehand and use the wash room before you enter the chamber.

Certain items are not allowed inside the chamber including lighters, matches and cigarettes, nylon, wigs, ointments, hearing aids, electronic devices including cell phones, dentures, petroleum jells, watches, jewelries or any other metal objects, make up, lipstick, hair spray etc.

The client will be encouraged to stop smoking, tobacco or any drug abuse until the therapy is complete as these may affect the performance of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Note : You may not have cold, severe cough and chest, throat or ear infections that will interfere with the comfort and effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Pregnant women are strictly advised not to take hyperbaric oxygen therapy. If you have any other health problems or under medication for any illness, kindly inform the center well in advance before the commencement of the therapy.

How Does a Treatment Feel?

You may rest, relax or sleep inside the chamber.

Once comfortably inside the chamber, you will be aware of air slowly being pushed into the chamber. This is called compression. At this point you will feel fullness in your ears similar to that felt while flying in an aero plane. Your therapist will teach you how make yourself comfortable. At the end of the treatment the air inside the chamber will be slowly released. This is called decompression. You will feel your ears pop again, which is normal, but you will feel no pain.

There is a telephone provided inside the chamber and you can communicate with your therapist at point of time during the treatment. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber is the most safest place to relax for the complete rejuvenation of your mind body and soul.

The majority of the clients who go through oxygen therapy hyperbaric report a pleasant, comfortable and enlightened feeling after the first therapy itself. The most important thing is to just relax.

If you are interested in your appearance, staying younger & healthy and keeping your mind and body refreshed and rejuvenated consider Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.