Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Oxygen is the most important nutrient available or earth. Oxygen is at the very center of every biochemical process in our bodies. Oxygen is a key component of optimal physical and mental health. Adequate oxygen levels in your body will keep you in balance.

Oxygen feeds the body, supports the immune system, destroy toxins substances, and promotes new cell growth. Today the atmosphere contains only 21% oxygen. Only a few hundred years ago, oxygen was almost 35%. Many of today's illnesses as well as premature aging are caused by lack of oxygen.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can significantly improve your body's ability to fight cell decay by destroying harmful bacteria, ramping up your body's immune system and increasing blood flow which helps repair and regrow damaged cells.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves the quality of life, a potentially great longevity and anti-aging tool since it multiplies the stem cells, keep it healthier so they can repair our bodies and rejuvenate.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy today is not only used for treatment of serious medical conditions but is widely popular and available as a natural therapy to cope with the effects of aging, stress, illness, injury or over exertion all over the world in cosmetic, anti-aging and well ness centers.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the most outstanding of all the therapies. Natural, Drug free & safe therapy with no side effects.

1. What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is scientific and obeys the law of physics? It is a mode of treatment involving delivery of high doses of oxygen to the body by breathing pure oxygen inside a pressurized chamber. It is a natural, pain free, drug-free and noninvasive.

2. What is a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber?
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers are used to administer HBOT. The patient is enclosed in the chamber with increased atmospheric pressure along with a concentrated delivery of oxygen usually from 90-100% oxygen so as to reach all the tissues in your body.

Hyperbaric Oxygen There are two systems of Moderate Pressure Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber from hearer. The Chamber pressure is 1.3 or 1.2ATA. The Indications are as follows:

  • Rejuvenation – Oxygen has a function to resolve the lactic acid. As a result, the oxygen chamber relieves fatigue and stress.
  • Aesthetic Rejuvenation – Capillaries around a cell are easily shrunk by Influence of the open air or stress, then become a situation of shortage of oxygen. Once ample oxygen being supplied to the cell, production of energy would be accelerated, the cell become healthy, normalize rebirth of skin, then lead to moist, glowing and fresh young skin.
  • Obesity – Oxygen activate generation of an enzyme which resolves fat (lipase). Lipase is indispensable to burn fat. It is said that oxygen is required to activate the function of lipase.
  • Metabolic problems – An oxygen chamber is effective for recovery from injury. Much oxygen is necessary to regenerate the wounded cell caused by fracture or tendon injury. Solubility oxygen which reaches peripheral part of hands or feet activates activities of the cell and accelerate the blood flow.
  • Accelerating Blood Flow is effective for cold hands/feet, shoulder pain with moderate relief from back and knee pain. The O2 chamber is able to supply oxygen to every corner of the body.

The treatment takes place inside a specially designed in flat able chamber that uses filter ambient air with an additional oxygen concentrator to deliver 80-90% oxygen to the body safety. The therapist will take a full medical history and discuss your lifestyle and health goals before any treatment is commenced.
We suggest that you were comfortable clothing. The chamber inflates within a few minutes. And upon full inflation there will be energy room to sit upright or lie down comfortably After inflation, the chamber will pressurize and will seal similar to ascending or descending in a plane. At full pressure, you will breathe normally.

For cosmetic, Anti-Aging, Wellness & Spa
Symptoms of chronological include dry and thin skin, fine wrinkles , abnormal blood vessels, age spots begins and alignment skin tumors due to the deterioration of the skins immune system anti-aging is an are of recent interest and discussions. We all want to live a longer life but at what cost? Anti-aging medicine is seeking technique tc both a longer and healthier life. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is scientific and obeys the law of physics and available as a natural and painless therapy.

The Process
The Process Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Has three phases:

  • Compression : After the doors are closed, you can hear the compressing gas circulate.
  • Treatment : Treatment begins when pressure reaches the prescribes level. During the treatment you, may rest, sleep, meditate or read a book.
  • Decompression : The attendant lets you know when the treatment is complete. The pressure then is slowly lowered at the rate which is comfortable.

HBOT Treatment in India - Complete Hyperbaric Treatment at Rasa Wellness Center in Jaipur

It is no denying the fact that oxygen is the most important nutrient alive on planet. Oxygen is at the very core of every biochemical process occurs in our human body. Oxygen is the key component of proper mental and physical health. Adequate oxygen levels are important for healthy balance of your body. Oxygen supports immune system, feeds your body, destroys toxins and promotes new cellular growth. The atmosphere has just 21% of oxygen. Oxygen was around 35% around a few decades ago. Most of the cases of premature aging and illnesses are caused due to lack of oxygen. Many people are now taking Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatment in India for health, wellness and beauty. You can also take HBOT treatment to improve your quality of life. With this natural and effective hbot therapy you will get a healthy and beautiful skin. At Rasa Wellness one of the leading HBOT treatment center in Jaipur you will get a lot of health and beauty solutions with HBOT treatment from skin specialists. - SEE MORE